Balanced Cropping

In cooperation with the University of Arkansas, Dr. Justin Morris (Director of Food Science & Engineering at U of A), and OXBO International, has adopted a new method for producing a better balanced and consistent crop.

By using the Morris-Oldridge canopy management system we can now achieve yields within 10% of the yield goal. By using mechanization for pruning, shoot thinning, and fruit thinning, crop levels can be adjusted several times during the growing season. This practice would be cost prohibitive if not for mechanization

In the average vineyard, annual yield can very as much as 50% year to year, making it very difficult to predict budgetary and wine productions numbers. The reliability for year to year has proven to be invaluable for French Camp’s clients. Among the prestigious list of French Camp customers using this balanced cropping technique, 7 of the top 10 wineries in the United States are represented.

Moreover, in conjunction with Paso Robles Wine Services, French Camp has conducted trails demonstrating better quality fruit production as a result of the balanced cropping technique when compared against hand farmed fruit in many cases.

While many acres of French Camp are still hand farmed, we work closely with our clients to give them exactly what they want in the fields.


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