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Hank Ashby

As the Vineyard Manager for French Camp Vineyards, Hank Ashby is responsible for overseeing all phases of grape production. In addition to the day-to-day operations, Hank has planted over 1,100 acres of new vineyards in recent years.

Hank studied engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Missouri. He began growing grapes as a child raising Concord grapes on his family's vineyard in Missouri. Before joining the French Camp Vineyard team in 1986, Hank owned and operated a custom grape harvesting company and grew Concord grapes on his own vineyard.

Capitalizing on his engineering education and his extensive experience with all types of vineyard machinery, Hank has become a leader in developing new equipment and products to increase vineyard mechanization, while remaining focused on the quality of the resulting wines.

Hank enjoys living in northern San Luis Obispo County because of the wonderful weather and the many opportunities for fishing and hunting. He lives on the vineyard with his wife Marilyn and their two sons, Nathan and Eric.




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