A History of French Camp



Originally, the French Camp land was part of the San Juan Ranch. Over time, The San Juan Ranch was split into a number of parcels including the French Camp acreage, which became a part of the Camatta Ranch. The Miller family purchased The Camatta Ranch property in 1968, believing that it could be developed to various crops including wine grapes. They leased parts of it out for a few years while they gathered information as to climate, soils, and water for irrigation. Initially, 200 acres were planted to winegrapes in 1973.

The success of the French Camp operation has been a team effort between the people who have grown the grapes, those that have managed the business affairs with its myriad of details, those that have sold the production (whether it was grapes or cuttings), and those that have done strategic planning for future growth. These team members include Greg Phelan, Vineyard Manager, Greg O'Quest, Assistant Vineyard manager, Mike Brughelli,Grape Salesman and Manager, and members of the Miller family, who own French Camp Vineyards.

Working together, this group has grown French Camp to over 1,300 acres, made it a leader in vineyard mechanization, and produced grapes that have resulted in it becoming one of the most sought after vineyards in the Central Coast of California.

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